When shopping for hiking boots you need to ensure that they fit correctly.  If you do not fit your boots correctly they could start to rub and this can cause blisters.  There are certain steps that you can take to ensure you are fitting your boots correctly, and that you can buy them affordably.

Know Your Size

The first step to getting the right hiking boots is to know your size.  If you are buying boots online you should measure your foot and use a sizing chart to determine the best fit.  If you are buying in a store then you should start with boots that are the same size as your regular shoes.

Try Boots On At The End Of The Day

Mountain Hiking Boots

When trying boots on, you should always do this at the end of the day.  During the day your feet will swell even if you cannot easily determine that they have.  By trying the boots on at the point when your feet are their largest will ensure you do not get boots that are too small.  You will also ensure that the boots remain comfortable during your hike when your feet may swell.

Wear Appropriate Socks

When you try the boots on you need to have the appropriate socks on.  The thickness of the socks should match the ones you will wear when hiking.  These socks should be synthetic as they dry faster than cotton socks which could give you blisters.


hiking-boots-for-menWalk In The Boots

Finding the right fit is not only about the size of the shoe, but also the comfort you feel.  This is why you should walk around the store in the boots.  If possible walk up and down some stairs or up and incline to see how the boots will handle this.

Consider The Boots Volume

Sizing is not only about the length of your foot, but the volume as well.  If you have the boot on fully laced, but still feel space above the top of the foot then the volume of the boot is wrong.  You will want a limited amount of space around your foot otherwise, you could have issues when hiking.

Consider The Brands

Whether you are buying online or in a store you need to consider the brand of the boot.  It is recommended that you first try boots from a brand that you have worn before and were happy with.  Most hiking boot companies have consistent foot models making the fit on all of their boots very similar.  Additionally, you will know what you can and can’t do in the boots if you have used the brand before.

Look At Insoles

While most hiking boots have good mid-soles and offer a fair amount of comfort you should still consider insoles.  Insoles for hiking boots come in different models with some looking to increase comfort while others enhance the support offered by the boot.  These can be bought after the boots, but you will need to consider how much space they will take when fitting the boots.